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Tunic Cathedral Windows Webinar
Tunic Cathedral Windows Webinar
65 USD

The webinar starts at 18:00 (UTC/GMT) on Saturday Dec 29.
The time of Webinar 18:00 - 20:00 is Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)
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  • You wanted to have an original tunic, but do not have enough room to make one?
  • You are not comfortable with resists and layering large scale projects?
  • You are concerned there is not enough silk for a larger project?

With this project you won’t even think of these issues. Shrinkage factor 1.3 is the solution to all your problems.
This means a smaller pattern, sufficient workspace on any table and just 1 yard of silk will be enough for this project.
Cathedral Windows nuno-feting tunic technique is very beautiful and unique and can be applied in numerous other projects.

Until the promotion ends:
65 USD
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