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Garment over a Weekend,  Session 2 ( 3 webinars)
Garment over a Weekend, Session 2 ( 3 webinars)
150 USD

The webinar starts at 18:00 (UTC/GMT) on Saturdays Dec 01, Dec 15 and Dec 29.

The time of Webinar 18:00 - 20:00 is Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)

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Bell Shaped Jumper Webinar (December 01)

  • You have trouble with building a resist?
  • Not sure you chose the right wool color?
  • Do not know which plant fibers fit your project the best?

Then this class is just right for you
You will meet no problems with neck opening or sleeves.
Hard to imagine, but the jumper if felted with a natural color non-dyed wool fibers.
And how about all plant fibers you can find at home? 

Lacy Collar Webinar (December 15)
You think you can make laces only by crocheting?
Not at all! Felted piece while being lacy is strong and weightless at the same time.
This is the most simple and yet original design I have ever seen.
Having completed this project you will sure agree with me.
Just over one evening you can make 2-3 such accessories, which will be the best presents you can make with your own hands.


Tunic Cathedral Windows  (December 29)

  • You wanted to have an original tunic, but do not have enough room to make one?
  • You are not comfortable with resists and layering large scale projects?
  • You are concerned there is not enough silk for a larger project?

With this project you won’t even think of these issues.
Shrinkage factor 1.3 is the solution to all your problems.
This means a smaller pattern, sufficient workspace on any table and just 1 yard of silk will be enough for this project.
Cathedral Windows nuno-feting tunic technique is very beautiful and unique and can be applied in numerous other projects.

Until the promotion ends:
150 USD
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